It’s the million-dollar question: “Where should I go on holiday?”

Michelle Hunter29 Oct 2020
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Well hello there, weary internet traveller. If you’ve clicked onto this page, there’s a good chance you’re wondering where to travel in 2022. Please allow us to answer that question with a mixture of inspiring ideas and rock-solid travel tips, from adventure to remote islands, steamy honeymoons to theme parks. 

Before you pick a destination though, we just have one question for you. What do you actually want out of your next holiday? Do you want adventure or relaxation? A romantic honeymoon or a crazy family vacation? 

Because to choose the perfect destination, you first need to know the sort of experience you’re looking for. 

So, go ahead. Set your intention. We’ll wait. 

OK, now you know what you want, let’s get dreaming about the where!

Where should I travel in 2022 if I’m nervous about booking a trip?

Knowing how to plan a holiday in the midst of a global pandemic is tricky. With travel restrictions constantly changing, it’s hard to know what’s possible right now (let alone what’s likely to change). 

So where should you travel in 2022? Australia of course!

For now, the safest bet for booking a trip is probably Australia. Yes, we Aussies are stuck here (but let’s be real: it could be much worse!) And why not make the most of it? Let’s explore our own back yard, swim in our own waterways and party in our own beautiful cities. 

And the good news? There’s never been a better time to travel at home. Regional Australia took a huge hit in 2020 and 2021. Between fires, floods and lockdown restrictions, our vibrant coastal and country towns are bursting with hospitality to share, and are in desperate need of your tourist dollar. 

Did you know that more Australians have seen Stonehenge than have been to Uluru? It’s time to switch that stat around! Local travel is the new black, and we’re SO here for it.

And while you’re dreaming about your next holiday destination, make sure to go ahead and budget a little extra for some guilt-free local shopping. Treat yourself and stimulate the local economy at the same time. 

It’s a total win-win. 

Check out the hashtag #buyfromthebush for inspo while you’re planning your spree… errr, whoops… we meant ‘trip’.  

But before you go: travel hygiene

Before you leave on your holiday, take a quick look at our travel hygiene checklist below. Like all Aussies, we would recommend following the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation for the latest updates.

Travel hygiene top five tips

1. Wash your hands

2. Avoid touching your face

3. Practise respiratory etiquette

4. Practise social distancing

5. Wear a mask, according to Government recommendations

And now that we’ve covered those off…

Where should I travel in Australia?

The short answer there = everywhere! Or, longer answer: this beautiful, vast land of ours offers perhaps the most diverse range of travel options of any country in the world. Yes, we know we’re playing favourites here, but there are just so many wonderful places to see. 

With such a huge range of incredible destinations, trying to choose just one can get a tad overwhelming. And although this is a great problem to have, decision fatigue is real! So we’ll try to help you make some hard decisions by breaking it down into holiday types. 

Need a particular type of holiday? Jump to it below! 

- Beach holidays in Australia

- Snow holidays in Australia

- Budget holidays in Australia

- Family holidays in Australia

- Honeymoons in Australia 

- Adventure holidays in Australia

- Family adventure holidays in Australia

- Bucket list holidays in Australia 

- Resort holidays in Australia

Plus, check out our list of holiday hacks for ANY type of trip at the end of the article.

Where should I go on a beach holiday in Australia?

When it comes to choosing a beach holiday destination, ask yourself what you want out of your holiday. Are you craving adventure, nightlife or pure, luxurious relaxation? Once you know that, it’ll be much easier to choose a destination. 

Also, the best holiday destinations in Australia can change on a month-by-month basis. For example, Cairns is incredible in November, but it’s less than ideal in the wet season, or when the water’s full of stingers. 

Water temperature, humidity level and climate can all differ vastly depending on where you go and when. So take a little time to brush up on the local weather before you book anything. 

Luckily though, in a country the size of Oz, there’ll always be a climate option that suits your tastes. You just have to find it!

And if it’s remote beach holiday destinations you’re after, we’ve put together a handy A-Z of our top picks. From Arnhem Land to Zeehan, there’s sure to be somewhere that takes your fancy. 

Our top picks for beach holidays are:

Airlie Beach, Bondi Beach, Byron Bay, Cottesloe Beach, Daydream Island, Gold Coast, Manly Beach, Palm Cove, Surfers Paradise, Whitsundays.

Where should I go for a snow holiday?

If you’re not comfortable travelling overseas (or not sure whether it’ll be possible), don’t forget that Australia has 16 of its very own snow resorts. 

Some are tiny, like the adorable Corin Forest, Canberra, where kids can enjoy a snow day for about the same cost as a zoo ticket. And others are decidedly bigger, such as Perisher and Thredbo. You can easily spend a week or more at these larger resorts without getting bored. 

And if you’re overwhelmed by the logistics of a snow holiday, you’re not alone. Many Aussies have no idea what to pack for a ski holiday, because we haven’t grown up around snow. 

Don’t worry, though. It’s really pretty simple. You just need to stay warm and dry – so layer up, and make sure your outerwear is all waterproof! Aside from that, all resorts offer on-site gear hire, and their staff will help you out with anything you need to know. 

This means you can travel lightly and just pick up whatever you need when you’re there. Plus, at the end of your trip, you can hand back all the soggy gear without having to worry about laundry. 

And of course, we’ve also created a ‘What to Pack for a Ski Holiday’ guide that breaks down your entire packing list via category. You’re welcome! 

Where should I travel in Australia if I’m on a budget?

Many people mistakenly think that Australian holidays are more expensive than overseas ones. While this can be true (especially if you’re comparing a luxe Aussie trip to the cost of backpacking in Bali) it’s often not. 

Admittedly, food and accommodation can be pricey here. But when you take into account the cost of plane travel, car hire, visa and transfer expenses, travelling at home can be pretty on par, cost-wise. 

Also, never underestimate the cost of your time!
Wasting two precious holiday days in airports is no fun at all. 

And when it comes to budget holidays, there are heaps of options in Oz. We recommend checking out the following:

Consider all-inclusive packages

One great way to travel when you’re counting your pennies is to look for all-inclusive holiday deals. It seems indulgent, but often – especially if you’re travelling with a family – it can create a super-affordable holiday. 

So what does all-inclusive actually mean? Usually, it includes:

  • travel
  • transfers
  • accommodation
  • food
  • activities.

You may also have the choice to add on extras like drinks packages. 

All-inclusive packages are a great way to know what you’ll be spending before you head off. There’s another level of holiday relaxation that happens when you don’t have to worry about the bar tab. Plus, knowing your kids can raid the buffet three times a day without you getting a surprise bill at the end is pure budgeting bliss. 

Or, think about booking a group tour

A group tour holiday is another great budget option. Tours can offer a lot of bang for your buck, as providers get great group-booking rates at a range of hotels and attractions. 

Sure, you’ll have less control over your itinerary than if you travelled solo. But you’ll most definitely be able to afford to see more for the money you spend. Plus, tours are also a great way to meet people with little effort, so there’s value there too!

Here are our top picks for group tours:

Where should I travel with the family?

Again, the answer really depends on the sort of experience you want and how old your children are. For a family with primary-school-aged kids, booking an action-packed week full of sightseeing and theme parks is perfect. However, that sort of pace definitely wouldn’t make for the best family holidays with toddlers

Regardless of your children’s ages, you can’t go past caravan parks, resort holidays or cruises. All of them offer so many low-maintenance activities for kids, and lots of opportunities for independence (which is great for both kids AND parents). 

Also, never underestimate the value of a night-time kids’ club if you want to enjoy a relaxing dinner out!

Quick Tip - Make sure you check the facilities first. You don’t want to arrive on a week-long cruise and find out your kids are too young (or too short) for the majority of the attractions. 

Our top picks for family holidays are:

How to plan a family holiday

If the thought of planning a family holiday is overwhelming you, try breaking it down into these handy steps.

  1. Decide on the sort of experience you want. 
  2. Choose a timeframe and location.
  3. Create a budget.   
  4. Look for all-inclusive or self-contained holidays.
  5. Schedule some days for downtime.  
  6. Pack your bags. 
  7. Don’t forget to relax.

For more detail on each step, check out our guide - How to Plan a Family Holiday. It’s an absolute life-saver. 

And while you’re doing your research, our list of family holiday hacks is also a great read if you want a bunch of handy ideas for making your holiday run smoother. And who doesn’t want that?

Where should I go for my honeymoon?

Sometimes, the best honeymoons are actually less about the destination and more about the accommodation. So when you’re booking a honeymoon, it’s best to set your sights on places that offer luxe rooms or cabins. 

After the whirlwind of organising and hosting your wedding, you’ll probably be exhausted and looking forward to some relaxing downtime with your new spouse. 

Sure, a bunch of sightseeing activities are great… but you’ll probably have other things on your mind. So trust us: focus on the accommodation! 

And if it’s a remote honeymoon destination you’re after, consider wine regions, beach resorts or glamping. All these options can give you the privacy you are looking for, with a beautiful, natural setting to unwind in with your other half.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some great family honeymoon ideas (for couples with kids), consider a resort with lots of child-friendly activities and kids club options. 

Oh yeah, and when it comes to family honeymoons, aim for a family-holiday-by-day-romantic-holiday-by-night vibe. For example, a nice veranda to relax on after you pop the kids in bed is ideal. 

Plus, avoid ending up in a room-sharing situation. Even on a family honeymoon, aim for privacy! 

Some of the best honeymoon deals around include:

Where should I go if I’m an adventurous traveller?

There are a few myths floating around about the Land Down Under. For example, apparently, some people aren’t aware that they can have a world-class adventure holiday in Australia.

And, contrary to popular belief:

  • not every animal in Australia is out to kill you while you’re camping
  • we do have great snow 
  • you can absolutely bungee jump and skydive here. 

In fact, Australia is one of the safest places to travel in the world. And that also makes it a great place to up the ante, adrenaline-wise. 

So if you’re looking to book an adventure holiday in Australia, some great options include:

  • rock-climbing in The Grampians
  • offroading in the Victorian Highlands
  • surfing Margaret River 
  • scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef
  • snowboarding in Kosciuszko National Park 
  • canyoning in the Blue Mountains 
  • croc-spotting in Kakadu.

Where should I go if I want an adventurous family holiday?

We honestly believe there’s an adventure holiday for every family out there. You just need to find your dream experience, and make sure they cater for kids. 

Although… while you’re browsing available family adventure holidays in 2022, we recommend asking yourself a few important questions.

  • Will my kids actually enjoy this holiday?

Be honest here: will your real-world kids (as opposed to your fantasy kids) enjoy the outings you have in mind? Or will they get overwhelmed in high-adrenaline situations?

  • Can they take part in the activities you’re interested in?

No matter how good your intentions, a surfing trip just won’t work if your kids hate swimming. Make sure you aren’t overreaching – holidays are supposed to be fun for everyone involved! 

  • Are you blocking in enough downtime? 

Yes, kids are generally resilient - but too much activity can exhaust them (and their parents!) Remember: hiking with kids will tire you out much more than hiking alone will. So make sure you block in at least a few lay-days – you may need the downtime as much as the kids do!

And if your answer to any of these questions is, “No”, consider starting small with a glamping family holiday. Glamping is a great way to ease your family into a bush experience, without having to rough it at all. And you can still get adventurous during the day, but then come home to a hot bath and comfy beds! 

Where should I go for a resort holiday?

Resort holidays are such a great option for couples, singles and families alike. They range from The Marriott on the Gold Coast (which is perfect for families) to the child-free Qualia (a world-class luxury resort in the Whitsundays). 

In fact, Queensland is a fantastic location for a resort holiday generally. You can find the perfect resort there as a base for a family theme park holidays, or simply enjoy a relaxing island stay. And for those who are looking for something a bit more night-life-heavy, the options are endless. 

Of course, there are luxurious resorts in almost every other Aussie state too. Check out these packages:

Where should I go for a bucket-list holiday?

We love that everyone seems to have multiple bucket lists nowadays. You can have a travel bucket list, a family bucket list and even a couples’ bucket list. But whatever list you look at, travel usually features highly. 

Luckily for the bucket listers, there are many list-worthy destinations in Australia. Think:

  • Uluru
  • the Great Barrier Reef
  • Sydney Harbour 
  • the beautiful Kakadu National Park.

So if skydiving, watching the Sydney fireworks on New Year’s Eve, or even cuddling a koala feature highly on your travel experiences bucket list? We think you should go right ahead and make it happen.

Or, if you’re looking for a bucket list holiday for couples, consider:

  • a wine region stay
  • beach glamping
  • taking a caravan on a road trip through the Top End. 

Destination decided? Now for some holiday hacks

In most cases, you’ll spend much more time planning your holiday than you will actually being on it! So why not make this step as seamless as possible? We’ve put together a handy list of family holiday hacks for you to peruse. 

We’ve included hacks for planning, for packing, for technology and for happiness. Because if  you take the time to pack a power board, you’ll thank us from your hotel room (while all your devices charge conveniently in a single spot.) 

Read our list of 20+ holiday hacks

Are you excited to book your trip yet?

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! We hope you have a much clearer idea of where you want to enjoy your next holiday and what you want to do.

Now all you need is to figure out your budget and book! But don’t break out the holiday expense tracker and start crunching the numbers quite yet. Instead, we recommend simply figuring out how much you can save from your weekly budget and then let us do the hard work for you. 

Once you know how much you’re willing to dedicate to your holiday each week, just search our deals via budget and let us show you a bunch of options. 

Then, when you’ve chosen and booked with us, you can pay for your holiday in convenient weekly instalments or with Afterpay.