6 Common myths about adventure holidays in Australia

Sally Trouvaille29 Oct 2020
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A few myths are floating around about the ‘Land Down Under’, and we just wanted to set the record straight. Apparently, some people just don’t realise you can have a world-class adventure holiday right here in Australia. 

The truth is that you absolutely can. In fact, we have an incredibly adventurous culture here in Aus. 

Myth #1 - Australia has no snow

WRONG! We have a bunch of great snow resorts here in Australia – 16 to be precise. Snowsports enthusiasts from all over the world come to Australia as part of their endless winter lifestyles. 

Even Sean White, arguably the best winter athlete of all time, has spent a bunch of time training in Kosciuszko National Park. He famously had a private halfpipe built behind Perisher for training purposes. 

Sure, other countries may have better quality snow – but Australia is far from snowless. 

Myth #2 - Snakes, spiders and sharks will kill you

Look, we aren’t denying there are a LOT of dangerous animals in Australia. But you’re pretty unlikely to die at the hands (or fangs) of one of them. 

Don’t believe us? The stats don’t lie:

  • Only two people die each year from snake bites.
  • Absolutely no one has died from a spider bite since 1979.
  • Sharks, on the other hand, are very slightly more dangerous, with 2.5 fatal attacks per year. 

But all in all, you’re much more likely to be killed by a random cow or horse while travelling within Australia. So there’s no need to avoid going off-road in the Outback or miss out on some breaks. Just let yourself enjoy one of the amazing adventure holidays here. 

Myth #3 - You have to go to New Zealand to bungee jump

Wrong again! If bungee jumping is on your travel experience bucket list, you can totally tick it off here at home. 

Although Australia only has one bungee jumping site right now, it’s a beauty. Located in Cairns, it’s 50m high and has a menu of 16 jumps. You can see the Great Barrier Reef from the top too, so it’s definitely not too shabby.  

Myth #4 - You can’t even go in the water in most holiday spots

Real talk: there are some beach holiday destinations where crocodiles and jellyfish mean swimming isn’t a great idea. But the vast majority of Aussie waterways are gloriously swim-friendly. 

Also, the real danger at most holiday beach spots is drowning. So focus your energies on being swim-smart, and forget about the wildlife. 

Myth #5 - It’s always so hot!

Nope - Australia actually has quite a varied range of climates. So whether you’re looking for shady canyons, rainforest rock climbs or wintery hikes, Australia has them all in spades. 

Don’t forget: this big country of ours is jam-packed with both urban and remote holiday destinations as diverse as they are beautiful. 

Myth #6 - Australia is too expensive

Funny enough, most Aussies who holiday overseas because it’s ‘cheaper’ end up spending just as much as those who travel at home. 

That’s because international travellers usually only think about expenses like food and accommodation. Once you add in airfares, car rental, insurance and airport parking though, you don’t always end up in front. 

The other thing that’s easy to forget is the cost of your time. When you spend two (or more) entire days on airports and transfers, your holiday ends up two days shorter, which is a real cost. 

Plus, the other bonus of staying close to home is all the opportunities for weekend adventure holidays and other short trips. Overseas travel just doesn’t offer you that. 

So, have we changed your mind?

OK, are you ready to head out and book your Aussie adventure holiday now? Or do you need more convincing? 

If you book your layby holiday through us and pay for it in instalments, you’ll be all sorted before you even pack your swag. 

Or if you’re planning to take the kids with you on a family adventure holiday in 2021, make sure to read our handy guide. 

*While travel restrictions are constantly changing, it’s hard to know what the next few months will look like. We recommend following the guidelines from the Australian Government, and also reading our guide ‘How to Travel Safely During Coronavirus’.