Luxurious honeymoon ideas for the whole family

Michelle Hunter28 Oct 2020
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Honeymoons are a once-in-a-relationship chance for you and your spouse to celebrate and spoil each other. But even if your kids tag along, you can still make space for luxury and romance. 

So if you’re looking for family honeymoon ideas and luxury is a priority, keep reading! 

Accommodation factors to consider

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a honeymoon for your little family or celebrating the blending of two families. Either way, this is not the time to be room-sharing (if you know what we mean!) 

An element of privacy should be on your priority list when you’re thinking about accommodation, so consider:

  • resorts with a kids’ club (bonus if they offer a night-time club)
  • self-contained luxury cabins
  • adjoining hotel rooms. 

Also, if you’re travelling with toddlers or small children, consider accommodation that lends itself to a ‘family-holiday-by-day, romantic-honeymoon-by-night’ vibe. 

It’s no fun being stuck in a small hotel room with sleeping kids from 7:30 each night. So look for features like a hot-tub on the porch, or a private veranda where you can sip champagne together under the stars. 

Just don’t forget to pack the baby monitor!

A honeymoon destination that makes everyone happy

An eco-cabin in The Hunter Valley, a five-star beach resort in Fiji or The Disney Marriott? Whatever your family’s dream holiday looks like, there’s no reason you can’t make it your honeymoon. 

A fabulous family honeymoon is a great chance to cross some items off your bucket list, so start by thinking big. You can always pare back if your budget doesn't allow something. 

All-inclusive packages are also a great option for family honeymoons, and they’re often budget-friendly too. 

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Find the magic

There are plenty of activities that fit into both the ‘romantic’ and ‘child-friendly’ categories. All you have to do is think ‘magic’ and consider experiences like:

  • candlelight picnics
  • horse-riding on the beach
  • soaking in hot springs
  • fireworks displays
  • dancing to live music. 

Don’t forget to check any age restrictions, and then let the provider know you’ll be bringing kids when you book. 

Make the kids feel special

Carving out some quality romantic time with your spouse during your honeymoon is essential. But it’s equally important to make sure your kids feel the love too. 

Tip - Sometimes travelling with kids can be stressful, so check out our Family Holiday Hacks guide before you set off. A seamless family holiday is a good one!

Need some family honeymoon ideas?

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