South Pole expedition flight

ex Melbourne

South Pole expedition flight

Melbourne, NSW

    This South Pole Discovery flight is the first and only commercial scenic flight to the South Pole from Australia, making it a unique opportunity for real Antarctica enthusiasts. On this approx. 16-hour return flight, we aim to indulge in some of Antarctica’s most celebrated history. Weather and time permitting, our plan is to follow Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s route to the South Pole. On the outward journey we will endeavour to pass over Ross Island which Scott used as a base for his attempts on the South Pole, then follow his route south across the Ross Ice Shelf towards the Transantarctic mountains.

    Once at the Transantarctic, it may be possible to fly over the Beardmore Glacier which Scott used as his pathway from the Ross Ice Shelf up to the Polar Plateau.


    • Return flights from Melbourne
    • Two meals and snacks
    • Full bar service 
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    Travel Validity

    • Valid for Travel: 27 Nov - 27 Nov 2021
    • Selling Period: 13 Sep - 08 Oct 2021

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    ex Melbourne

    The main focus of this flight will be to retrace these historic routes taken by Scott and Amundsen. Like the explorer’s faced before us, Antarctica is unpredictable, and the weather can change by the hour. 

    Unlike other flights we will not have the option to take alternative routes to suit the weather on the day, yet we have carefully picked the best time of year to fly. With a 50% chance of having clear visibility, we will be travelling almost 6,000 km to get to the South Pole. You may see everything, or you may not, and must be prepared for anything. 

    This flight is like the expeditions of past, with potential for poor visibility but the prospect of a magical trip that few can claim to have done; to say that you’re one of the few individuals in human history to have visited the South Pole or had the chance to appreciate the enormity of Shackleton’s, Scott and Amundsen’s journeys.


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    • There will be a seat swap during the flight to give everyone the opportunity to get better views through the large windows.