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About Play

PLAY is a new travel service by Afterpay in response to customer feedback. While the model is slightly different from Afterpay (paying in instalments before travel), PLAY embodies the same Afterpay values that people know and trust – like responsible spending, no interest, and regular payments.

PLAY helps travellers to book and pay for an amazing travel experience over a series of interest-free instalments prior to their departure date.

PLAY is a collaboration between Afterpay and LayAway Travel, an accredited Australian travel provider.

LayAway Travel is an ATAS industry accredited travel agency and member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) that has been offering pay-by-instalment travel services since 2015.

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Afterpay customers told us they wanted an instalment option to pay for holidays, to avoid high interest or dependency on credit cards.

Because a holiday is very different to the usual products we offer, we’ve found a new partner – LayAway Travel – to collaborate with, and change up our payment model.

This means still paying in instalments, but reversing our traditional model so that people pay the instalments before they go not when they come back.

LayAway Travel has an established travel product and payment model so we’re offering it to Afterpay customers to see if it works for them and for our business.

PLAY's mission is to create high quality, well thought-out packages to give people experiences they’ve never had before, but allows them to manage payment in a way that is responsible.

PLAY’s payment model is different to Afterpay’s because holidays are very different to the products Afterpay usually offers.

For one, their values are higher, which means instalment periods need to be longer and more flexible.

PLAY enables customers to spread the cost of their holiday across instalments and pay in full prior to their departure date. This is a reverse of the traditional Afterpay approach and sees you pay before you go, not when you come back. It’s effectively layby in the traditional sense.

This means that, in line with a traditional layby model, no funds are advanced to customers, and all payments made by PLAY to providers on a customer’s behalf come from funds contributed via instalments by the customer themselves.

PLAY payments can be made weekly or fortnightly over 2-to 12-months. Afterpay repayments are fortnightly over 6- to 8-weeks.

PLAY holiday packages range in price, but because of their nature some are over $2,000.

Like Afterpay, you can make early payments manually via your PLAY account.

Another key difference is that holidays are made up of different parts – tickets plus accommodation plus experiences – they aren’t just a single item to be purchased.

This means that things like pricing, administration costs and refunds need to be different to Afterpay’s existing model and more in line with the travel industry.

Yes. PLAY is a subsidiary of LayAway Travel, an ATAS industry accredited travel agency and member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).

How Play Works

PLAY adopts a traditional layby model in that customers are able to pick and book a curated holiday package and pay for it in full in weekly or fortnightly payments over a 2- to 12-month period before they travel.

PLAY, makes all travel, accommodation and other related bookings and payments on the customer’s behalf, using the funds already contributed by customers via their instalments towards their trip.

PLAY, curates a number of unique, high quality and high value travel experiences to cater for different travel tastes and budgets across relaxation, wellness, adventure, culture and party categories.

These are for 1 to 2 people, and in some instances, families.

The packages advertised on the PLAY website are generally available for 2- to 3-weeks subject to seasonality, availability and different interests.

Inclusions associated with the various packages are detailed on the website.

If additional people want to travel, separate bookings need to be made.

To some extent, set packages can be personalised during the booking process, depending on your specifications and budget.

This includes different accommodation options, different flight options, and different extras.

Payments can be made over a 2- to 12- month period from your booking date to your travel date. This means the closest you can book to a departure date is 3 months in advance.

Payments can be made weekly or fortnightly. The frequency of these payments and the day on which they are made can be updated 48 hours in advance of the next payment due date.

Manual payments can be made at any time via the ‘Top Up’ payment option in your PLAY account. You can also pay more than your set weekly or fortnightly instalments at any time via the "Top Up" payment option. Remaining instalments will be reduced based on how much extra you have paid, with corresponding reductions in the overall amount owing.

Payment for the package must be made in full 1 month prior to departure date unless otherwise specified.

You cannot combine instalments if purchasing multiple packages - each purchase will have its own separate instalment plan (and instalment frequency as determined by you).

  • Visit PLAY’s website,
  • Browse the holiday packages available at any given time.
  • Set up a PLAY account, including linking it to a valid Australian-issued credit or debit card – you cannot use your Afterpay account to access PLAY (you will need to set up a separate PLAY account)
  • Amex, Visa and Mastercard are available.
  • Select the package you want and personalise that package (how many travellers, what inclusions do you want).
  • PLAY will calculate your total package cost and the instalment payment breakdown (by weekly and fortnightly frequency).
  • Select the payment period and frequency you want (either weekly or fortnightly).
  • PLAY will tell you your regular instalments amount based on your booking selections.
  • Confirm your booking and make your first payment (this is required at the time of booking).
  • You can log in to your account at any time to see your booking summary, when payments are due, what balance is outstanding, and key cancellation dates and details.
  • PLAY will always communicate with you via SMS and through your PLAY account to let you know in advance that an instalment is due.
  • Your instalments enable you to pay for the holiday in full 1 month prior to your departure, unless otherwise specified.
  • Travel documents and other redemption instructions will be provided within 2 weeks prior to your travel date.

You do not have to be an existing Afterpay customer to use PLAY, but it has been created based on feedback from Afterpay customers.

PLAY is available to people who are 18 or over, with a valid Australian residential address, verifiable email address and phone number and valid Australian-issued debit or credit card excluding pre-paid visa cards, who are eligible to travel.

In line with a traditional layby model, no funds are advanced to customers, and all payments made by LayAway Travel, through PLAY, to providers on a customer’s behalf come from funds contributed by the customer themselves.

When someone books a PLAY package, Afterpay, through PLAY, will cross-check their details and confirm any relevant repayment history with Afterpay. In line with Afterpay’s values, we want people using PLAY to exhibit positive repayment behaviours. This is important to us.

If someone is currently or has ever been overdue on Afterpay repayments, or has been accepted into the Afterpay Hardship Program at any point, PLAY reserves the right to cancel their booking and refund any instalments paid.

No. You will need to create a separate PLAY account.

You can book a PLAY package without holding a current passport however, if travelling internationally, you must ensure names provided , at time of booking, are as they will appear on your passport once issued. For all international travel a valid passport is required with at least 6 months validity from your return date.

PLAY will communicate in advance every time a payment is approaching or due via email, SMS and through your PLAY Account.

If you miss a scheduled instalment payment, a $7 administration fee will apply to cover the costs to re-calculate your instalment schedule and PLAY will re-calculate to include the missed contribution.

If you miss consecutive payments, someone from PLAY will be in touch to make sure everything is ok.

More than 3 missed payments could result in a price increase if the missed instalments prevent PLAY from securing your travel arrangements with suppliers.

If you miss more than 5 payments in total (doesn’t have to be consecutively), your account may be suspended and your holiday may be cancelled in which case an additional $165 cancellation fee will apply.

If you do not pay for your holiday in full in advance of your departure date, in line with your payment schedule, your trip will not be finalised and you will not be issued with travel documents.

More information about this is included in PLAY’s Terms.

We understand circumstances can change, and PLAY does have a financial hardship program in place in case people need it when those unexpected events happen. For more information please contact us.

There’s a 30-day cooling-off period where you can cancel for any reason at no charge.

After this, depending on the reason for your cancellation, a cancellation fee will apply and, dependent on what stage of the payment schedule you have reached, you may need to forfeit amounts already paid to travel, accommodation and other providers.

As you make your payments, you’ll see key milestones in terms of cut off dates for cancellations, including what fees apply at what stages.

The total cost of cancellation, including any money forfeited, will never exceed the amount of money you’ve paid in instalments at the time of cancellation.

Depending on the terms and conditions of the travel, accommodation or experience provider, certain components of a cancelled trip may still be redeemable.

More information about this is included in our Terms & Conditions.

We will always be transparent when it comes to what fees and charges customers using PLAY may be subject to.

A retail mark-up is applied to packages curated by PLAY. This mark-up reflects the effort gone to in creating, sourcing and offering unique, high quality travel experiences. The mark-up is modest, and in line with industry standards.

If an instalment is missed, an administration fee will apply, but these are capped at a maximum of $35 (5 instances in which a $7 administration fee applies).

If a customer cancels their holiday a cancellation fee will apply and you may forfeit non-refundable amounts already paid to travel, accommodation and other providers.

As you make your instalments, you’ll see key milestones in terms of cut off dates for cancellations, including what fees apply at what stages via your PLAY account.

In the event a change to your PLAY booking is approved by a PLAY Customer Care Team Member, an administration fee of $55 per hotel booking, $55 per person for domestic flights and/or $77 per person for international flights will apply at the time of the change being made. Any additional supplier costs associated with the change will also apply.

The total cost to make a change must be approved by the account holder before the change can be confirmed.

Specific Questions about Packages?

PLAY has a live chat function, available via its website – - between 9am and 5pm AEST/AEDT from Monday to Friday

You can also email PLAY at [email protected] or Call us at 1800 780 880

Information about your package and Instalments are available via your PLAY Account at any time.

If PLAY needs to contact you, including to provide you with notice of when payments are due, PLAY will contact you via SMS, email or through your PLAY Account.

Information about your package and payments are available via your PLAY Account at any time.

Important Updates

With the current global crisis, we understand the last few days have been very challenging and confusing for everyone.

I have been listening to your concerns and wanted to reach out and address these, particularly in light of today’s international travel restrictions.

Firstly, our number one priority is the safety and peace of mind of our staff and our travellers. I know many of you have been trying to contact us and I promise we will get back to you all. Our team are inundated with calls and emails and we are responding in order of departure dates, as well as supporting current international travellers make their way home. I thank you for your understanding during this time.

We will continue to monitor and act on advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Australian government authorities to provide the appropriate response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Customers Who are Currently Travelling

In light of today’s international travel restrictions, our first priority is to ensure our current overseas travellers return home safely.

Customers with Travel or Cruise Bookings

We are currently prioritising customers in order of departure dates. In light of today’s travel restrictions announcement, we are now waiting on airline refund policies before we can move forward. Please, be re-assured you will be contacted as soon as we have the relevant information. These new travel restrictions could also impact your travel insurance so we recommend you contact your provider to understand your level of cover.

Looking to the Future

I want to reassure our community; PLAY is in a good position to weather this storm. Last year, we launched PLAY as a trial with Afterpay and thanks to your support it has been a resounding success. With investment from AP Ventures we are in a strong position to keep moving forward, with plans to expand our destinations and to improve our website.

The partnership with AP Ventures is an important step in supporting the Australian travel industry as it weathers the impact of COVID-19 - providing long-term opportunities for our travel partners and consumers to book and pay for travel over a 12-month period.

When you are ready to travel, or for those looking to book future travel, we are here to help you and at the same time we're committed to supporting the recovery of the tourism industry.

Our customers and travel partners are our family. So, from our family to yours', stay healthy and safe. We will get through this together.

Andrew Paykel


PLAY Travel

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