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Nothing says 'tropical holiday' like island-hopping from one tropical destination to the next. There's the Frenchy-chic vibe of Noumea, the ancient culture of Lifou and the Caribbean atmosphere in Port Vila. Oh, and the beaches...we'd never forget the beaches!



Day 1 Brisbane
Depart 14:00
Day 3 Noumea, New Caledonia
All the flavour and ambience of a bustling, sophisticated provincial french town with the friendly charms, adventure and heavenly climate of the pacific islands. Arrive 15:00, Depart 22:00
Day 4 Lifou, Loyalty Island
Long stretches of white sand beach, small coves, limestone caves, grottos and imposing cliffs give the island one of the most dramatic landscapes in the pacific. Arrive 08:00, Depart 17:00
Day 5 Port Vila, Vanuatu
Port Vila has seen more history and change than many towns ten or even a hundred times its size. when it comes to culture, tradition and history, this is a city with an incredible depth of each. Arrive 08:00, Depart 17:00
Day 8 Brisbane
Arrive 06:00
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