Why everyone is so obsessed with ski holidays. 8 reasons you'll get addicted too.

Tristan Strayed29 Apr 2021
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If you’ve never hit the slopes, you might find it difficult to understand why people love a ski holiday, so, we’re going to break it down for you.

Whether you’re keen to try something new, or you need to convince family or friends to join you, here’s 8 reasons why skiing is so awesome.

Reason #1 – Playing in the snow is fun!

There’s something magical about snow and it’s hard to explain the joy when you wake up in a village covered in white powder. Your options for a fun-filled day are endless. Early snow fights, building snowmen, falling over as you learn to ski or skiing fresh powder down a beautiful mountain – all of it is super fun.

Reason #2 – Skiing is good for you

Leaving the stress of your daily routine behind is always a good thing but skiing takes it to a whole new level. Exercise with fresh air surrounded by snowy mountains and hopefully blue skies, I mean of course that’s going to be good for you. You’re engaging in cardiovascular exercise, strengthening muscles and boosting your mood without even thinking about it.

Reason #3 – It’s great bonding time

After the past year of limited travel, it might be hard to remember why holidays help strengthen relationships. If you’re skiing for the first time, you’ll be encouraging each other and if you’re ready for bigger slopes you’ll be navigating those together. And when you’re feeling tired but exhilarated at the end of the day, you get to cosy up and share those moments.

Reason #4 – Cool bars and restaurants

At the end of a long day skiing there’s something so satisfying about a hot-mulled wine by a fireplace in a quirky ski bar. Lucky for us ski villages in Australia and New Zealand both have a pumping Apres scene. Whether you’re craving home-made pizzas, truffle pasta or a big bowl of minestrone you will find it.  

Reason #5 – Get back to nature

If you’re flying into Queenstown for a ski-holiday you’ll feel it straight away, a connection to nature only a mountain landscape can give you. Most ski resorts in Australia and New Zealand are located in National Parks where wildlife and fresh air is in abundance. Breathe it in on the slopes and with guided hikes or mountain tours.

Reason #6 – Discover new destinations

If you haven’t been to New Zealand, skiing on the South Island is a great place to start. As well as popular Queenstown there are 38 other ski resorts to discover including Treble Cone, Broken River and Ohau. If you prefer to stay in Australia, we’ve got 15 different skiing destinations. From the friendly slopes of Perisher to Falls Creek in Victoria.

Reason #7 – Stress-free ski packages

Do you love a holiday where somebody else does all the work? If it’s your first time planning a ski holiday, a fully inclusive package isn’t just helpful, it could save your sanity. A ski package takes the pain out of organising lift passes and transfers plus finding the best location. If meals and gear is also included, be prepared to just roll up and ski. 

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Reason #8 – Safe to travel

Ok so maybe you were hoping your first time might be in Canada or Europe, but let’s face it, we’re so lucky Australia and New Zealand both have what it takes to make a good ski holiday and in a safe environment. The travel bubble with NZ means the risk of Covid and disruptions is minimal and if you decide to go local you can keep a close eye on the latest travel advice.

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Now you know the reasons why skiing is so popular you'll need to keep this checklist handy What to pack for a ski holiday!