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Play By Afterpay

Play is a collaboration between Afterpay and LayAway Travel, an ATAS industry accredited travel agency and member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).

Play creates high quality, well thought-out packages to give people experiences they’ve never had before, and allows them to manage payment in a responsible way.

It adopts a traditional layby model in that customers are able to pick and book a curated holiday package and pay for it in full; in weekly or fortnightly instalments over a 2- to 12-month period, before they travel.

In line with a traditional layby model, no funds are advanced to customers, and all payments made by Play Travel to providers on a customer’s behalf come from funds contributed via instalments made by the customer.

While Play Travel is different and separate to Afterpay, it embodies the same Afterpay values people know and trust – like responsible spending, no interest, and regular, equal payments.

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The Team

The PlayTeam

Founder & Managing Director

Andrew Paykel

Andrew Paykel was Chief Operating Officer at Fisher & Paykel for seven years. Working for one of Australia’s most trusted brands for twenty years provided great insight into the needs of Australian consumers.

In 2014, Andrew left Fisher & Paykel to start LayAway Travel - an accredited travel company which gave Australian travellers their very first interest-free, instalment payment system. LayAway Travel's unique payment system made travelling more accessible to families, singles, couples groups.

In 2019, LayAway Travel joined forces with Afterpay to create Play. Play continues to make travel more accessible to Australians through its responsible, interest-free, instalment system.

About Play & Afterpay

Play Travel is an exciting new travel vertical purchased by AP Ventures.

The majority of Afterpay’s existing customers use instalments as an effective budgeting tool and indicated they wanted to pay for amazing travel experiences in a similar way.

We will learn from our customer feedback and watch how the Play evolves in the future. To find out more, visit our FAQs page here.

For Play's terms and conditions see here.

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